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Space Case Grinder Review


  • Smooth, seamless finish
  • Solid construction
  • Produces a fine, even grind ideal  for vaping
  • Sharp diamond teeth that grind through anything and do not dull
  • Anodized coating is non-stick
  • Pollen screen lets lots of kief through
  • Lifetime warranty

     Not so Great

  • Titanium line is more expensive
  • Titanium anodized coating is a titanium blend
Space Case 2 Piece Titanium Grinder Small, Medium, Large

Space Case Grinders are among the top grinders on the market. Designed for both durability and superior function, Space Case grinders are available in several sizes and in anodized or non-anodized polished finishes.

Below is a video review and demo of the Space Case 2 Piece and 4 Piece grinders.

At a quick glance, the Space Case looks like a typical grinder but on a closer look, it’s a refined herb grinding beast.

4 Piece Small Titanium Space Case Grinder

The Build

Using a CNC machined design and made from aerospace grade aluminum that is strong and lightweight, the Space Case is known for its solid build, precise construction and flawless fit and finish. It looks like its made from one solid piece of aluminum it’s machined so well. Space Case makes non-anodized grinders, the Original and the Scout, and a hard titanium-blend anodized black grinder, the Titanium. The anodized coating on the Titanium has non-stick properties, which requires less cleaning.

The precise threading and Teflon coated O-rings makes the grinding experience very smooth, it’s almost unreal. Each grinder has a pair of strong magnets that ensure secure closure, protecting your herb from any accidental spillage.

The Teeth

Space Case Titanium Teeth

The Space Case utilizes a sharp diamond shaped teeth design that doesn’t dull after long term use. These teeth grind through just about anything easily, leaving behind a finely ground material that is ideal for vaporizing or smoking. 

Space Case grinders are available in both the two piece and four piece design and come in small, medium, and large sizes.

Space Case Grinder Dimensions


Height: 2 Piece

Height: 4 Piece


2" (50mm)

1" (25mm)

1 3/4" (45mm)


2 1/2" (63mm)

1" (25mm)

2" (51mm)


3 1/2" (88mm)

1 1/4" (32mm)

3" (76mm)

The 2 piece grinder grinds through herb like a champ, leaving behind a nice even grind. For a finer grind, give the grinder a few more turns.

4 Piece Medium Titanium Space Case Grinder

The four piece grinder achieves the same results but has a pollen screen that rains kief after every grind, while at the same time not letting through any of the herb.

2 Piece Large Original Space Case Grinder

The Original is less expensive than the Titanium but boast the same impressive design features. 

Space Case Scout Grinder

Space Case also does another weed grinder called the Scout. These grinders have the same design features but are slightly smaller in diameter than the Titanium or Original, but taller due to the storage compartment. They are available in a four piece Mini with sifter (1.3”w x 1 .56”h), three piece Small (1 1/2”w x 1 1/2”h), the three piece Medium (1 1/2”w x 2 1/4”h), and the three piece Large (1 1/2"w x 3.2"h). The Scout is much more compact than the others available in the range and are perfect for easy transport and storage in tight spaces.

Space Case Warranty

The Space Case is manufactured in the United States and comes with a lifetime manufacturer warranty.


While Space Case grinders are priced slightly higher than some of the other premium weed grinders on the market, customer praise and loyalty touts the Space Case Titanium as being one of highest quality grinders available and many put it on par with Santa Cruz Shredder for durability and ease of use.

Taking some of the negative points into consideration, one might choose the non-anodized versions of the Space Case if cost is an issue.

The anodized titanium coating has been reported to flake off (not common) bring in a potential contamination risk. 

Other premium grinders, such as the Santa Cruz Shredder, that are within the same price range and with excellent reviews, would be a comparable alternative.

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