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Chromium Crusher Review

     Great Inexpensive 4 piece herb grinder Comes a wide range of sizes      Not so Great ‘Standard’ model lid not machined from single piece; welded together; can separate Weak magnetsProblems can occur after regular use Chromium Crusher has been making its popular and inexpensive herb grinders for over 10 years. Chromium Crusher makes […]


Santa Cruz Shredder Review

     Great Grinding is super smooth ‘Fluffy’ grind is perfect for smoking or vaping Medical grade Unique teeth design are sharp and strong Textured grip ideal for MMJ patients Unique thread design Comes in 2, 3, and 4 piece designExcellent design and finish      Not so Great Price Pollen screen doesn’t let through […]


Space Case Grinder Review

     Great Smooth, seamless finish Solid construction Produces a fine, even grind ideal  for vaping Sharp diamond teeth that grind through anything and do not dull Anodized coating is non-stick Pollen screen lets lots of kief through Lifetime warranty      Not so Great Titanium line is more expensive Titanium anodized coating is a […]